Review: Stargirl by Jerry Spinelli

Stargirl (Stargirl #1) - Jerry Spinelli

I read this book a while ago and then stumbled across it again recently as I was picking out things to donate to charity. I flipped through it. I stared at the cover a while. And then I tossed it in the cardboard box labelled donations.


I did not enjoy this book. It is dull, plain and simple. It conveys no new information. The characters did not hold my interest beyond the first couple of dozen pages.


The only scene which stuck in my mind and remains there, is when Stargirl and Leo wander into the desert. They do this thing where they erase themselves, starting with their feet and ending with their minds until they are still and silent and a part of the earth and the wind. I loved this part. It is a beautiful description of a wonderful moment, a moment of meditation and it helped me to learn the value of being still and living in the here and now, even just for a short while.


Aside from that .... Well I hope that a charitable person visiting the thrift store with the hope of making a donation to Cancer Research enjoys it more than I did.