Confessions of a Shopaholic - Sophie Kinsella

Everyone gives this book a lot of hate but what people should be judging it against is what it actually is - light, frothy, frivolous chick-lit and it does that job very well. It's a very light hearted, silly poke at consumerist culture. Becky is stupid. But she is supposed to be stupid. She blags her way through life without a care in her pretty little head, only really coming to life when she's shopping. She is ridiculous, burying her head in the sand when in comes to her enormous debt and stumbling her way through various romantic encounters ... Now come on! Who can't relate to that? I very much doubt that Sophie Kinsella was aiming to break literary boundaries when she wrote this story, I imagine she just wanted to entertain.


I read these books when I was very depressed. Like proper, black hole depression. I was struggling with simply being in this reality and Becky gave me a bit of an escape route. Her problems, her voice and her attitude are so easy-breezy, cartoon character that reading this was like being wrapped in a duvet, sipping hot chocolate .... Comforting, mindless, carefree. For this I loved it. There comes times in your life when you just need to read trash! I chose Confessions of a Shopaholic.