Mockingjay  - Suzanne  Collins

I don't cry at works of fiction. I just don't. In life I'm a tremendous cry baby, even a cute animal can set me off but when it comes to books, no matter how emotionally charged, my eyes remain bone dry.


However ... Mockingjay, I wept like a baby! The end just grabbed my heart and twisted. I'd lived, breathed and fought alongside Katniss throughout The Hunger Games and Catching Fire and for it all to come to such a heart wrenching end just killed me. I died.


I just never saw it coming ... I was blindsided! I adored the fact that it was not a typical happy ending, it was so much more raw, so much more real. I could just feel every ounce of pain from each and every character. The development of these characters was so much deeper and more believable than either of the first books, it was as if Collins finally figured out exactly who they were and how to portray them. The flimsy characterisation which slightly irritated me in the beginning of this trilogy is long gone in Mockingjay.

I'll be honest, there are portions of this book where you can't help but think "Get on with it!" ... There is some waiting around, but really when viewed as a whole these slower parts add to overall mood of the story and the sense of Katniss being trapped not only in District 13, but inside her own mind and her horrific memories.


The thick and fast twists just kept me reading, couldn't put the bloody thing down! I won't put any spoilers in but I will say wow! However much you maybe dislike the style of the writing or the dialog, or dislike some of the characters actions, you surely couldn't help but be entertained by the way the plot snakes back and forth from easy and steady to "what just happened here, I need to read that again!" .... It really was one of the most emotionally charged, heart in the mouth books I have read for a long time.


I know some reviews are taking a dislike to this third book in the series stating that Katniss has changed too much ... Well of course she's changed! Just imagine for a moment you're in her position ... Can you see yourself there? Can you see yourself being forced to murder other children? Can you see yourself being forced to "love" someone you do not? Can you see yourself thrown into a position as face of a revolution? Can you see yourself coping with your friends being tortured, murdered and torn apart? Can you see yourself watching your sister die? Horrific. I think the way Katniss has been portrayed in this book is perfect because she feels real, she's not all shiny and full of a fight and a spirit because this has been broken by war. I love the fact that Collins wrote her as a mess, who amongst us can say we really, truly wouldn't be after witnessing and being a part of the horrors that Katniss has been forced to endure? Very few of us I'm guessing.


As I did the other books I took this one at face value, as a brilliant story and for me in this way it worked. It has a different tone to the books but for me it fitted perfectly. Not everything turns out the way you want it to in life and in war, some people die, some people break down and thank you to Collins for portraying this.