Review: Hush Hush by Becca Fitzpatrick

Hush, Hush  - Becca Fitzpatrick

What did I just read ?!! What .... Why .... Wait, what ?!!


What is this, who are these people and why are they doing these things?! I swear, Coldwater must be the overspill for some mental health facility in the area because everyone is completely insane with absolutely no sense of self preservation, right and wrong or what is and what isn't an appropriate way to behave! I'm not even sure if this story is worth a review .... Did I honestly just read a book, or did I just take some real nasty shit and have one hell of a long trip ?!!

The characters .... Why? Why are they behaving like that? What? What's happening? I've lost the power to form coherent sentences because I just don't know what to say. I mean, take Nora .... What is that chick doing? What is she all about?! When I read that she was seeing the school psychologist I thought Oh, I get it now, this girl is supposed to be a complete loon. But then I realised that her appointments with this "psychologist" last about 10 seconds and consist of Nora saying Yeah, and the psych saying Okay, let's talk, and then Nora saying Yeah, and the psych saying Stay away from Patch. End of session. So I could conclude from these appointments that the psych does not realise how batshit crazy Nora is ....


Nora puts up with Patch's constant sexual harassment (the first time he meets her, he asks if she sleeps naked for god's sake!) in the way that only someone who is brain dead could. She even seeks him out to allow him to sexually harass her some more: she drives over to Bo's arcade, (murder capital of Coldwater) alone to ask him about a completely pointless Bio assignment (what they are set to do is an icebreaker, right at the end of term for some reason, not a legitimate Biology assignment .... ) where he basically spends the entire time making her feel as uncomfortable as possible. What is that?! Why does she keep coming back for more throughout the book, despite stating how frightened he makes her feel and how dangerous he is? Oh yeah, that's right .... Because he's hot. Never mind what his interests are (apparently knowing he plays pool is enough for Nora, and how Nora's mother interpreted this as he likes swimming I'll never know .... ), what his plans for the future are, where he wants to go to college, where he grew up, if he has any family, if his views and values are compatible with hers ..... No. None of that matters because Patch has "a smile that was part playful, part seductive" and "long, lean muscles down his arms" ..... Please ....


I really hope, to the bottom of my heart, that no girls take away from this story that it's cool and sexy to fall for a boy who you know nothing about except for his intent to harm. There is nothing sexy about a boy who treats you like shit. I don't care how incredible his eyes are (his eyes are black by the way, who on this earth has completely black eyes?) when he starts stalking you, chasing you around cars and constantly pinning you against counter tops you get your coat, your bag and your shoes and you get the hell outta there!


The sad thing about Nora is she literally has no-one to turn to. Perhaps this is why she jumps on the negative attention she receives from Patch. She's so attention starved that it only takes a boy to wink in her direction for her to fall at his feet. It's not like her mother is ever around. And it's not like her "friend" Vee is worth the air she breathes. Vee is inexplicably dumb. I mean she is mind numbingly stupid. How she has managed to keep herself alive for 16 years is truly beyond me. She says the most inane and ridiculous things, I found myself actually embarrassed for Becca Fitzpatrick for imagining such a head case and trying to pass her off as a regular high school girl. She has the social skills of a pencil. She has the sense of a broom handle. Why, oh why would she beg Nora to go on a camping trip with a boy who Nora has just told her has physically assaulted her right outside her own home?! Great friendship skills there Vee! She makes a joke of the fact that Patch is essentially stalking and sexually harassing Nora. She throws herself into dangerous situations on a whim and she's obsessed with sex. She is a cartoon character. That's how absurd she is.


At the end of the day, I must conclude that Becca Fitzpatrick was high as kite when she sat down to write this crap. Somehow she came up with characters that don't even know which way up they are, strung them together with a series of incidents that, in order to hang together, required the characters to make huge leaps in logic, massive assumptions based on very little actual evidence and take a scant regard for their personal safety and that of others. Throw in a paper thin, but of course hot, controlling and potentially violent male protagonist and there you have it, Hush Hush. It's a shame because the premise for the book was interesting. Fallen angels? Yeah, that sounds cool and that is what earned my single star. But I can assure you, it's all downhill from there .....