Review: The Host by Stephanie Meyer

The Host  - Stephenie Meyer

This book is like a dripping tap. There are moments where it drips more than others, but essentially it just drips. On and on and on until the end of time, until everything has turned to dust around me and I'm still reading about how much Melanie loves Jared and how Wanderer is talking about something and how there are some other people and they are talking and then moving around and then ..... I don't know. I think I passed out around the middle of the book as a form of self-preservation.


Just don't do it to yourself. Just don't. It's just more of the same sappy, boring shit revolving around a truly pathetic female main character with no real solid story line that Stephanie Meyer does best. Don't be sucked in by the pretty front cover or interesting blurb on the back. This book does not do what it says on the tin.