Review: The End of Mr Y by Scarlett Thomas

The End of Mr. Y - Scarlett Thomas

Some very interesting concepts, ideas and thoughts are explored throughout The End of Mr Y and generally I found it to be an interesting and entertaining read .... Somewhat heavy subject matter written in a light and lively style. It was a nice introduction for me into quantum physics and thought experiments as I had previously been quite disinterested and clueless.


However ..... I wish, oh how I wish that Scarlett Thomas would just stop being so patronising with her description, and how I wish she could create a character that is not totally stilted and awkward. Ariel just does not ring true for me. She is pretty dumb. She is a very slow reader and takes a long time to cotton on to things. For these reasons she is not believable. She's supposed to be studying for a PhD for god's sake, why is she so stupid?


I very much enjoy Scarlett Thomas' writing style, it's fresh and fast paced but I just wish she could leave behind her need to include so much pretentious dialog and such grating characters in her books and just outline her thoughts and ideas in a way that didn't make me think that she feels all her readers are as stupid as Ariel Manto.