Review: Twilight by Stephanie Meyer

Twilight  - Stephenie Meyer

Is there any point in me adding in my two cents this late in the day? Probably not ....


I have mixed feelings about this book .... On a positive note the romance (if I can truly call it that .... Maybe obsession would be more appropriate, or perhaps endless to-ing and fro-ing of should we/shouldn't we ....) before it gets grating as hell is quite sweet in places, and it is a neat little idea (forbidden love and all that) even if it wildly far from original.

However .... The execution of this sweet and neat idea is just plain awful. I mean, you could read the first couple of chapters and then skip to the end and won't have missed anything. It just descends rather rapidly into pages and pages and pages of crap. Bella seriously needs to get a life! She needs to live a little. I guessed maybe she was depressed (she certainly looked that way in all of the movies) about having to move home and school etc .... But that is no reason to become a mere shadow of a person and become completely and utterly fixated on a boy who may be hot yes, but is also clearly as mad as a box of frogs. The thing that really kills me about Bella's all consuming adoration for Edward is that it is all an illusion ... He even says so himself, that everything about him (even his smell, for god's sake) is designed to draw her in, so in reality her desire for him is a lie, a trick .... Wake up Bella, get your head outta your ass and listen to what he is saying (even though most of it is inane crap) rather than constantly drooling over his sparkling skin!


The ending .... Well WTF was that all about. It reads as though Stephanie Meyer suddenly realised she had written a book without a plot, thought Oh crap, better chuck a villain in there quick, leaned back in her chair and pulled that utterly pointless trio of nomadic vampires out of thin air. Very thin air to match the characters.... Words escape me .... Why was James trying to kill Bella? And then what was it with Victoria? And then the thing with Laurent .... Wait, what? Yeah my head hurts now .....