Review: New Moon by Stephanie Meyer

New Moon (Twilight #2) - Stephenie Meyer

New Moon - you receive two stars from me because I liked the Volturi. End of story.


The rest of it was inexplicable. Why did Edward think it was alright to just take off, leaving a vulnerable and possibly mentally ill (she is seeing things after all) Bella to cope with this loss? Who behaves like that? They have made the decision to give their unusual relationship a go, overcome disapproval from friends and family and dealt with Bella coming very close to being murdered .... Why don't they now just live their lives? Why does Edward choose this moment to just piss off and leave the questionable Jacob to seduce Bella? After all that you'd think they would maybe just want to chill for a while and get to know each other a little better, maybe see a movie or even take a trip somewhere pleasant. No, Edward thinks the best plan of action is to rip Bella's heart out and stomp on it by fucking off. What's that all about.


However, if I had been in Bella's position and a guy had treated me like crap, nearly got me killed and then chosen to clear off, I certainly would not have been crashing no motor bikes ..... I'd be picking myself up, dusting myself off and thinking how goddam lucky I was to have chewed my way outta that bear trap ....