Review: Remember Me by Sophie Kinsella

Remember Me? - Sophie Kinsella

Hahaha! This book! It made me lol, and probably not for the reasons Sophie Kinsella intended. It's so absurd, it's just so .... Words fail me over how ridiculous this book is.


So Lexi is some crazy, highly strung chick who wakes up in a hospital one day with no recollection of the previous three years of her life. She has transformed herself from a poor, nondescript, regular girl into a money grabbing, self obsessed uber bitch during these three years who will basically stomp on anyone to reach the top, so when she wakes up with amnesia she doesn't recognise herself and is shocked to find she is a spiteful, ruthless cow married to some high flying hot guy, living in some incredible apartment in London. The laughable parts of the plot come from the details ... Want to know how Lexi changed into the evil dragon lady? She went on a GAMESHOW! Yes, a gameshow, similar to The Apprentice. How she ever qualified to appear on this show is completely beyond me. There are literally thousands of applicants for these things and they go through some pretty serious grilling and have to have actual real accomplishments to achieve a place. Then we have Lexi .... An empty headed, shallow moron. Someone really dropped the ball the day they allowed her a chance on the show ...


Lexi has supposedly become a high flying business woman with a position in upper management within the company she works for and has worked for for years. What is this company? A flooring company. Yes, that's carpets to me and you. If Lexi is supposed to be a glamorous, sophisticated and talented business tycoon then why does Ms Kinsella have her do something as lame as pedalling floor coverings? Just takes the edge off Lexi's image for me a little ....


So it transpires that after some shenanigans involved a torn couch, a questionable dinner party and Lexi's inability to remember how to drive despite still remembering quite easily how to perform some very advanced yoga movements (?!!) that she is not entirely happy in her marriage to the hotty and has lost all her old friends due to being such a bitch in her new life. However, Lexi being the air-head that she is, thinks she can just force herself to love this odd man and slot right back in with her buddies despite treating them like crap for the past three years (unknown to her of course). She completely fails to grasp that although she has no recollection of her vile behaviour, other people do! There were many times when I wanted to shake her. She was just so mind-numbingly stupid about the whole situation. Lexi: accept that you have treated these people like shit, they no longer like you! No, instead she continues to grovel and make herself look totally spineless and pathetic, even resorting to buying a basket of muffins in her efforts to win them back (yes, because everyone knows that if you want people to like you, you have to buy them things !!!) because that's all it takes to erase everyone's memories of what a hard hearted cow you've been - cake!


The whole thing was just too ridiculous! There's a dumb "twist" at the end (in inverted commas as it barely counts as a twist seeing as I saw it bulldozing towards me a mile off ...), a batshit crazy mother, a teenage sister so stereotypical it hurts to read about her and a bunch of other wildly eccentric goings on thrown in there, all very typical Kinsella. Why'd I give it two stars? I don't want to rip it shreds really. I'm sure it couldn't possibly have been written to be taken seriously. It's just light hearted fluff, a bit of fun to flip through at the airport while your flight to Toronto is delayed. It was an easy read, and amusing even if only for the absurdity of the thing!