Review: Misery by Stephen King

Misery - Stephen King

I hate Stephen King novels with a passion. There's nothing more boring than endless description of cloudy skies dripping on and on until the end of time and everything has turned to dust around me as I struggle to prevent my eyelids closing forever with the weight of the ash, trembling hands barely sustaining a grip on the latest weighty tome he has battered out, on what I always imagine must be a typewriter .....


However .... I love Misery. The worst part of it is the beginning with that stupid imagery involving the beach, after that it's a pretty straight forward story of disillusioned, sour writer Paul Sheldon, held captive following an horrific car crash in the mountains by crazy, obsessive broad Annie Wilkes. I enjoyed the way the story unravelled at a surprisingly good pace for Mr King and I enjoyed the way the tension built peppered with mangled legs, vile head injuries and some rather creative cussing.


I skipped over some sections of the novel Paul is writing while being held and tortured as it was pretty dire and made my head feel like it was bleeding, but I still rate this book five stars as it's such a page turner anyway and a nice, easy leisure read for a rainy day.