Review: Marked by PC Cast

Marked - P.C. Cast, Kristin Cast

I attempted to colour my own hair for the first time ever recently. I'm 24 years old and have never coloured my own hair! Never! I always, religiously go to the salon and berate anyone who tells me they use home hair dye kits. It'll go horribly wrong, I warn. Do you want green hair?!! Well, I've fallen on hard times lately. I have a menagerie of five creatures to feed and recently made an ill advised spur-of-the-moment purchase to the sum of an eye watering £4,500 so I was forced to break my own rule and decided that spending £80 at the salon was no longer a priority. Needless to say, it was a disaster .... Picture my bathroom following my adventure covered, and I mean covered in purple hair colour. It was on the walls, it was on the floor, it was all over the "old t-shirt" I was advised in the instructions to use (I wish they had also advised me to use an old bathroom ....) which conveniently belongs to my other half ( and which I promptly hid afterwards). It was even on my dog. Don't even ask me how that happened as she wasn't even in there at the time.


So after creating the biggest mess ever, of which it would probably have been easier just to burn the apartment down and start again rather than attempt to clean it up, you're probably guessing that my hair looked fabulous and I strolled off into the sunset, swishing my glossy, evenly coloured locks in the golden sunlight, smiling smugly to myself and winking at passers-by admiring glances, right? Wrong! I have purple roots, black tips and a weird light red patch on the right which is inexplicable plus the shaved patch which I have on the left is now my natural colour because I made the rookie mistake of re-shaving it after I coloured it rather than before .... All in all the whole thing was a disaster and I have taken to wearing a (cute) wooly hat despite the fact that it is almost May. Oh well! We live and learn!


Why am I sharing this with you? To illustrate the point that we all make mistakes. I made the mistake of colouring my hair at home and I made the mistake of reading Marked. And the Cast girls made the mistake of writing the damn thing in the first place and wasting all our time.


We are taught that if we have nothing nice to say, then we shouldn't say anything at all but unfortunately Marked just begs to be ripped to shreds.

It's simply a catastrophe of sexist, racist, preachy shit.


Zoey is a complete bitch. Her friends are cardboard cutouts of the highest order. The villains are pathetic drips. I feel bad for the tree that had to die to make this thing possible.

My theory is that Zoey did not wake from the coma she inexplicably fell into when she bumped her head near the beginning, and the entire story is simply her warped dream where she places herself at the centre of the universe and everyone must bow and scrape to her because she's " special". Get a grip girl!


I have learned my lesson and will not be touching The House of Night volumes 2 - 76,869 .... Marked was vomit inducing enough.