Review: Magic Study by Maria Snyder

Magic Study  - Maria V. Snyder

*Spoilers !!! Spoilers everywhere !!!*

(Enjoy a brief recap of Magic Study, in the words of Yelena Zaltana .....)

So last year when I was exiled from where I grew up I was sent to the jungle to find my real family. Well, I found them alright. They weren't what I was expecting but I was willing to run with it.


I travelled on to the city so I could learn to use my magical abilities. My mentor told me that it was urgent that I use my powers correctly or I would die and destroy the very fabric of magic itself alongside me. But somehow this vitally important information was forgotten about along the way and for some reason there wasn't the same urgency.


I got kinda kidnapped on the way to the city, I'm not really sure what was going on there. I think my brother might have betrayed me? Dunno .....


Anyway, when we arrived I was given my very own rooms, my own horse, free lessons in magic and magical history and magical etiquette. I was given so much freedom to roam the city, and money to spend, but you know what? I wasn't grateful in the slightest. I don't know why, but I behaved in a very ignorant way towards these people who gave up their own time to help me. I don't need to thank the people who have helped me! Are you crazy?! They should be falling over themselves to give me everything I desire! There's no room here for gratitude!


So time passed and some stuff happened and I learned about this guy who was kidnapping and torturing girls to steal their souls. Mental right?! All I know is I was the only one who could stop him! I was the only person in the entire city who could do anything to help these poor victims. I know, I know ..... There are four master magicians in the keep! I'm not stupid! But I think they are. There was no need for me to consult with them over any plan of action, I knew best. And I work alone. I blundered in ahead of the more experienced magicians because I know everything. And I mean everything.


So I ended up in all sorts of scrapes and tight spots! Haha! It was really cool. Want to know the best part? Even though I was ignorant, ungrateful, self-absorbed and cocky as hell, one of the master magicians or one of my friends was always there to pull me out of trouble. It was great! I never had to think of the consequences of my actions because I knew everything would be alright because everyone else was willing to risk their own lives to untangle whatever mess I made. I don't feel bad about this. On no! Everyone, for some reason, owes it to me to rescue me. Maybe it's because I'm so special .....


Anyway, eventually after a long convoluted, winding and largely dull time period Valek showed up (finally)! And it was like we were proper in a relationship! I mean, I barely now him but to be honest I'm obsessed with him. He's all I think about. I don't know his surname, I've never spent relaxed, enjoyable time with him getting to know him but that's okay! He was calling me "love" all the time and sneaking into my bed at night, so we must be in love, right?

Valek was kinda different from how I remembered him. He was a bit more pathetic, he was a lot less powerful. He'd lost a lot of his "edge" .... But you know what? Who cares! I'm in love with him. So in love. We're in love you know.


Valek arrived dressed as someone else, because everyone wanted to kill him. Hahaha - I know, it's funny right? We didn't have to take any precautions to keep him safe or anything, we just paraded around while I single handedly gave all the homeless kids a purpose, woke a girl from a coma and then became best buddies with those dudes who live in the desert and hate everyone else except me. Wow! I must be super special.

I knew I was so special I would face the kidnapping torturer on my own. Sure, I'd been given specific instructions not to because failure on my part would bring about the destruction of everyone. But I ignored that. I didn't need help, I am invincible. I'm the best at everything.


The long and short of it is I escaped a red-herring kidnapper and somehow took down the real kidnapper, saving the entire world. Hooray for me!


I think a few other things happened along the way, like some soldier got killed and I think Valek nearly got hanged! My parents inexplicably showed up. I mean, I could swear my mother stating that she was afraid ever to leave the safety of her own home and yet there she was! At the keep! Confident as you like! What a crazy world! But that doesn't matter. It was all glossed over because the most important thing is me and what I'm going to do and how powerful I am and what am amazingly special magician I am.


I've changed a lot since my Poison Study days .... I'm sure now that I'm amazing, brilliant and fantastic as everything. I don't need to rely on my own skills anymore, there's always someone popping up out of nowhere, no matter how unlikely it seems, ready to rescue me. And I can talk to horses! In English! In our heads! How cool is that?!


Life is wonderful when you're as gifted as I am.


(Just to clarify, after reading and totally enjoying Poison Study, I was super disappointed in Magic Study. I live in hope that this series will pick up again .....)