Review: Infinity by Sherrilyn Kenyon

Infinity: I Am the Power They Can't Tear Down. Sherrilyn Kenyon (Chronicles of Nick) - Sherrilyn Kenyon

Here's a list of ideas of what Infinity by Sherrilyn Kenyon could be used for:


- kindling
- propping up a wobbly shelving unit (this is a tried and tested use, the book does this job marvellously well.)
- throwing at an enemy (my copy is taller than your standard paper back and has quite thick, heavy paper, so I imagine that if your aim is good it would make quite a good missile.)
- origami
- a temporary shelter from the rain (more durable than holding a newspaper over your head .....)
- a fly swatter (this is also a tried and tested use. Although the book has reasonably high wind resistance it's heavy enough to squish a bug with a single swipe.)
- a knee pad (you know, if you have to kneel on the ground and don't want to get your pants all dirty and get sore kneecaps. It's best used like this if you have a second book to kneel your second knee on. I would suggest using Cloud Atlas by David Mitchell.)
- a pot stand, or indeed a coaster (it makes a great coaster actually as it's large enough to hold more than one cup of tea at a time)
- shred it up and it'd make great bedding for a guinea pig, or line your cat's litter tray with the pages
- wedge a door or a window open with it
- interesting, artistic and money saving wrapping paper
- rip out a page, roll it up and Boom! Home-made telescope!
- a fan on these hot summer days
- do your bit for planet Earth and deliver it to the recycling depot


Here's a list of things I would not recommend using Infinity for:


- reading

This book sucks.


It is sexist, judgemental, prejudice, offensive and absurd. The characterisation is beyond appalling. There is not one single strong female character. They are all cliched stereotypes.


Nick himself is a jumped up, self righteous, judgemental little jerk. I can't stand him.

The writing is pathetically amateurish, the humour is violently lame and dripping with cheese.


The plot is hideously convoluted and clunky. It doesn't hang together well. There are too many characters, some of whom pop up for a chapter or two and then are never to be heard of again. There are too many side stories, none of which are well developed enough to intrigue me.


It's just, generally a horrible book. Don't even go there. Unless you would like to choose a use from list one. I mean, it's a vile read but is currently doing a stand up job holding my kitchen window open. It's even redirecting the rain into my window box - result!