Review: Beautiful Disaster by Jamie McGuire

Beautiful Disaster  - Jamie McGuire

I don't understand this book. I don't understand what the author was hoping to achieve.


This book is vile, the characters are rank and the storyline is frankly so boring I felt my life ebbing away page by page. It reads like the story of someone's daily life: what they ate for breakfast, transport arrangements, when they like to shower. I don't need to read about this shit, I'm living it!


I was so appalled by the plot, I can't even ..... Was Travis supposed to be someone we supported, idolised, were attracted to?! Because honestly? He reads like a candidate for future imprisonment following a domestic abuse charge. It's very difficult to pick out plot points as one non-event bleeds into the next until the entire book becomes a fog of abuse, control and one-upmanship, but basically the story goes that Abby enters into a bizarre relationship with Travis and then proceeds to fuck around with him and his emotions, all the while being fucked about herself by him for 418 pages. Seriously, it's mind numbing. And offensive.


Abby and Travis' have got to be one of the most repulsive fictitious couples in existence. They are the definition of dysfunctional. Abby made it very plain that she wanted her and Travis to be friends, to hang out together, to study together, to paint each others nails. You know? Do things that friends do. So why the fuck does she sleep in his bed with him every night and have sex with him ?!! I can, hand on heart say I have never had sex with any of my friends. That would be crossing the border of friendship into the dangerous territory of relationship land. But Abby doesn't seem to understand this. She doesn't understand you cannot fuck your friend, your friend who has been desperate to sleep with you from the moment he laid eyes on you, the friend who has made it crystal clear that he has feelings for you, strong feelings and then expect to carry on as you were before, as friends, braiding each others hair, and sharing a bucket of popcorn at the movies. No, Abby. This is real life. You can't play with people's emotions and then expect them to just slot right back into place when you're done with them. What bullshit is that ?!! Ain't nobody got time for that !!! 


Abby really is insufferable. She's so emotionally retarded, she could well be carved from stone. She doesn't seem to appreciate that other people have feelings too. Come on now! This is a lesson we learn when we go to preschool : Don't hit Julie over the head with a plastic teapot, you'll hurt her! Don't call Michael names, you'll upset him! Yeah Abby, don't string along a guy who even your dog can see has feelings for you, you'll break his heart!


Don't think I'm blaming Abby for the debacle between she and Travis that they call a relationship. Oh no, no my friends! Travis is very much the bad guy in this sorry little scenario. He's incredibly explosive. This is not a solid foundation on which to build a relationship. He's disgustingly controlling, at one point physically pushing Abby into her bedroom and insisting she change her clothes because he's not satisfied with what she's wearing. He's egotistical, unstable, aggressive and just plain revolting. Listen up ladies! Travis Maddox is not good boyfriend material. Your boyfriend should make you feel respected, loved and safe. Travis does none of these things for Abby. He smashes up his own apartment when she decides to begin sleeping in her own room. Red flag right there! He drags Parker from his car when Parker kisses Abby goodnight. Two red flags! He fights three doormen with his bare hands to defend Abby's shoddy honour. Three red flags, ah-ah-ah!


Oh wait there's more .... So much more. Travis "Travesty" Maddox is a horrible human being. He should not be allowed to see the light of day. He treats women in a way that is honestly, foul. He has zero respect for any of the girls he has slept with, automatically labelling them as slutty bimbos. Since when did liking sex make you a slutty bimbo?!! Since when did sex make you stupid?!! This book is so backward and derogatory and just plain offensive that it physically hurt me to read it. My eyes were near bleeding.


If you enjoy reading unashamedly sexist, slut-shaming, vomit-inducingly shitty, violently poorly characterised, wanted-to-rip-my-own-arm-off boring, head-explodingly offensive in it's portrayal of mind-bogglingly unhealthy relationships, repulsive, inexplicable fiction which leaves a horrifyingly sour taste in your mouth then Beautiful Disaster is your kinda book. If you're a normal person, then toss that book under the bus and run! Run as fast as you can!