Icebreaker: 10 Things About Me

Yeah, yeah I'm copying. Just chill everyone. I love this idea of introductions via 10 random facts started by several awesome Booklikers. So here's mine: 


1 - I'm obsessed and I mean obsessed with my creatures. I can't have kids so they are my babies. I have three cats, a dog and two horses and every one of them is a spoiled brat because I just can't bring myself to impose any kind of discipline. So our house is a bit wild most of the time with Hurricane-Kitty tearing through. They are the reason I can't have nice things, but really I'll take my cats over non-broken possessions any day. Which is lucky as when you have three lively, bouncing cats being pursued by a yapping little dog almost constantly, broken possessions are an inevitability. 


2 - My husband is almost twice my age. Yeah, this is a pretty big age gap. But I've really never felt it. When you love someone, you love them for who they are regardless of age or colour or background. We've had all the usual "There's no way you can be compatible with someone so much older than you" speech and I've lost a lot of narrow minded friends over my decision. But listen - don't judge others. You'll never live their life, feel their feelings so let's all practice acceptance and tolerance, yeah? 


3 - I love to read. Okay, okay. This is a book site. It's a given we all love to read. But I mean I really love it. When my family tore apart and my wonderful mother and beloved sisters who are more than sister's - they're my best friends - left the UK to return home to Canada my heart broke. I'd never felt so alone. But I had a job to finish, horses to compete, a man to marry and school to attend (a college or university education is free here so I'd be dumb not to complete in the UK) and couldn't go with them, so I powered on through. And my greatest comfort of all has been reading. I can escape when I'm reading. No matter how torn up I am, how upset or angry or hurt I feel, I can open a book and get lost inside and just calm the fuck down. I've had a lot of health problems over the past few years and reading takes my mind away from pain and allows me time and headspace to relax. 


4 - I used to be a professional show jumper. I'm completely passionate about horses and sure, okay it's a 12 year old girl's hobby but those horses have pulled me through some rough times, kept me focussed and improved my confidence in myself no end. I worked in Canada and here in the UK on several large professional yards and those truly were the best years of my life. I'm fiercely competitive and I get such a massive kick from training and winning. The sense of achievement is second to nothing. I was fucking good too - like damn good and then an injury cut my career short. I got thrown off a bitch of a mare and landed super awkwardly busting my knee up irreparably. I can't keep up the pace required to show jump professionally anymore, and sometimes struggle to do it at all -I damaged my knee pretty much as bad as is possible. It was pretty heart breaking for me but I kept on trucking. I was given two beautiful horses as a gift and enjoy them immensely. I'll just never reach my dreams but sometimes that's just the way the cookie crumbles. 


5 - I hate when I can't find something. I'm not talking about some irritation I'm talking blind rage. I will literally tear my apartment to pieces until I find the missing item whatever it is - keys, lighter, sunglasses - there's no peace until that fucker is in my hand. That red mist descends and I can't - I just can't


6 - I work way too much. Like, 60 hours a week. I'm working as a nursing assistant and am going back to school in September to get my proper nursing degree to become a mental health nurse but at the moment my shifts are wild. Like, five 12 hour nightshifts back-to-back. I'm exhausted all the time as I only sleep around three hours at a time. I've never felt so sick or sleep deprived in my life and my husband tells me to cut it out, but it can't say no. If they need cover I'm their gal!! It's very intense work on a palliative care unit (care of the dying) but it gives me immense satisfaction to offer comfort, support and care to families and patients in their final weeks, days and hours. 


7 - I smoke. Yikes!!! How can I smoke in this day and age with all the information that is available educating us on the dangers?!! D'ya know what? I like it, it's soothing (a little like sucking your thumb as a child) and at the end of the day, it's my choice. I'm the only one of my friends who still smokes and I get a lot of stick for it. Some people have this almost overwhelming need to impose their opinions on others. Cut it out. I'm aware, I understand and it's up to me. The UK is such a nanny state, so obsessed with safety and sheltering citizens from dangers lurking around every corner. Whatever happened to choice?! Whatever happened to deciding for myself if something is bad for me?! Just let me live my life!! And no - it's not a metaphor (LOL) I just like it. There's nothing like a cigarette with a cup of tea after a day of hard work.


8 -  I love Pringles. Like if I pop, I legit can't stop. That's why I don't have them in the house anymore. If I had them I would eat them. And I would be about 20 stone. So no. No Pringles. They're too damn good. 


9 - I'm fiercely feminist. Feminism means equality for all. This is the way I live my life. I get so passionately angry when watching the news, reading the paper or magazines so I don't. I am completely unaware of current affairs (unless it's something huge in which case it usually filters it's way down to me via Tumbr) because I just can't handle the injustices and it makes my jaw ache just thinking about it. I get incredibly outraged on other people's behalf. I hate that we live in a world that still shuns minorities, allows women to do the same job as a man at a considerably lower wage and that feels it has the right to lord over what women do with their bodies. Cut it the fuck out world!! I have to stop. My blood pressure is rising. 


10 - I have a small tattoo on my wrist of a Canadian maple leaf to keep me focussed on my goal of returning home from my exile in the UK. Only five more years to go (ugh) although realistically we will most probably end up in America for a few years first as my husband is American and wants to spend some time living closer to his own family for a while. But I'm nothing if I'm not filled with hope and determination. 


Hey, so maybe you guys know me a little better now. Looking forward to reading everyone else's lists. This was kinda fun!! 


Ciao for now my friends!!